The original Zsennyei Műhely (Zsennye Workshop) started in 1978. Designers from all over the world shared their experiences, discussed current trends and built a community. The Zsennyei Műhely had a strong theoretical basis, analyzing the role of designers in society.
In 2005 this tradition restarted at Olaszliszka, focusing on student’s works. After three great workshops we returned to the original place, Zsennye, where we celebrated the 30 years history of this workshop. It was an international meeting point for the professionals and the students to work together playfully for a common intention, parted to 5 sections, surrounded by a beautiful area of the nature.

The Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organisation organising common professional programs for designers and designer students. That helps them to keep in touch and to improve their skills. Moreover, the social union and international potentiality of the profession could develop.
The founding members of the Summer Design Workshop regard the International Design Workshop in Zsennye as its intellectual predecessor and its predecessor of title.

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